LikeToSmokeMeat is all about developing great Dry Rubs for cooking meat. My favorite way to cook meat is through Smoking. My theme is “it should taste great without a sauce” and if a sauce is needed then something is wrong! I now do competition, catering and smoked meat out of the commercial kitchen.

I starting smoking meats using off the shelf rubs and occasionally made some from cookbooks. None of the them really had that “over the top” experience I was looking for or had one distinctive flavor the overpowered the meat. So, I embarked on trying to create my own rub and experimented with combinations of ingredients. After a few years of trial and error I created one that worked well and met my expectations. This became my signature rub for Pork. The base of this rub has become the foundation for most of my other rubs.

If you are new to smoking meat see the help page on “How to Smoke Meat” this should really help you not to make the same mistakes I made when starting out.


Commercial Kitchen Alignment

My catering business is done through a commercial kitchen that meets all county health code regulations. All meat preparation, cold storage and cleaning is done at the commercial kitchen as required by the county regulations.


Mixing my proprietary blend of spices is being done by Saguaro Spice Company http://www.sahuarospice.net and meets the FDA rules for storing, mixing and bottling.