Restaurant Smoking Service

We provide a Smoked Meat Service for restaurants. Smoking time, temperature, and method would be based on your needs.

  • Brisket and Pulled pork take around 12-18 hours depending on size.
  • We provide a discount on Bryan’s Dry Rubs if purchased in bulk.
Select what you required, list pounds of each in the addition Notes box.
Please list either pounds or quantities you would like to smoke.

About The Smoker

The smoker was built in Texas where Brisket is king. The smoker contains two chambers: one main large chamber and one vertical chamber for use as a warmer. If two temperatures are needed, the vertical chamber can be turned into a smoker by adjusting an internal valve to cook at a higher temperature while cooking in the main chamber at a lower temperature. This smoker also includes a BBQ grill (charcoal based) on the left side of the main chamber and smoke can be directed in that chamber as well. On the back side I have wood, equipment storage, and a sink to meet health department requirements.